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Payday Loan Help

We are a consolidation company that assists individuals who have multiple outstanding payday loans. We help people combine their loans into one easy to manage monthly payment and escape the debt trap. Cash Advance Loans can quickly get out of hand and cause severe financial distress. If you find yourself in a touch situation, we can assist you and provide immediate relief if you qualify for our program.

Do you Qualify?

You may qualify for our Consolidation Program if you
– Have a source of Income
– Have 2 or more Payday Loans
– Have Debt totaling $1,000 or more.

Benefits of Payday Loan Consolidation

– Combine your loans into one manageable monthly payment
– Eliminate or significantly reduce fees and interest
– Reduce collection calls and harassment by your lenders
– No upfront or hidden Fees
– Private and secure
– Online application
– Quick and proven results
– Less stress and more relief
– Get the lenders out of your bank account
– Save money

Payday Loan helpers

Payday Loan helpers


By following a few simple steps you can get started immediately.

– Fill out our free evaluation form or call us directly.
– Tell us about your payday loan obligations, and our trained counselors will give you a free consultation to see if we’re able to help.
– We’ll give you a free quote detailing how much and for how long you would need to consolidate to get rid of your payday loan debt.
– Sign up safely and securely from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
– We contact your lenders and negotiates a settlement of the debt.
– You refer all your creditors and lenders us.
– Make one monthly payment into a secure escrow account.
– As the funds build up, we make payment to your creditors on the agreed upon settlement amount.
– Complete the program and you’ll be debt free!

Other Options

In general, most unsecured debts can be included in your bankruptcy filing and discharged. However, bankruptcy should be viewed as a last resort and can have a lasting negative impact on your credit. You also need to meet income and asset requirements to qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Home Equity Loan:
Sometimes it may be possible to use the equity in your house to pay off debts. The largest disadvantage to this is that you are using your home as collateral. This means that you are risking losing your house if you default on the loan payments.

Consolidation Loan:
An unsecured loan to pay off all the outstanding loans is another option, but most people will find getting over $1,000 difficult if they have outstanding payday loans. An Installment loan may be an option, but they often have very high interest rates.

The Dangers of Payday Loans

A payday loan generally refers to financial aid given to a debtor by the creditor and is expected to be repaid with funds from the debtor’s next paycheck. It is a short term unsecured loan. Meaning that it has a shorter maturity period, hence should be repaid quickly and also no property is attached to it as security in case the debtor fails to make payment instead payment is based more on trust. However, in desperate times you may find yourself applying for another loan if the previous one did not actually meet your set obligations. Many people also choose to renew their loans by just paying the interest. This starts a vicious cycle that can be extremely difficult to get out of. In the event that you fail to make payments promptly, the collection calls and threats of lawsuits from your creditors start.



Actual Client Testimonials

"Your professional assistance in negotiating settlements have been such a God send for my husband and myself when he was unexpectedly hospitalized due to a life threatening illness… With my husband’s illness and long recovery, your wonderful assistance allowed me to fulfill my duties to my family without additional worries… I would recommend your company to anyone that truly desires to settle their debt. May God bless each of you as well as your company's continued success."

Susan D.Dallas, TX

"I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" I appreciate the kindness that you have shown me through this process of debt settlement. There were days; whereas, fear gripped my heart. But, you were right there to guide me through. If there was ever a time that I had to leave a message; as of today, I never waited over 15 minutes for you to contact me. I can't express what it meant to me for you to be so prompt. Once again, "Thank You," if possible, would you please forward this email to your supervisor. "

Andrew T.Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much, You have been very helpful Nicole. I will be sure to tell someone else if I speak to anyone else in your company how helpful you have been. This is a hard thing to deal with and very stressful with being so broke and then having all these people after me. To me, it felt as if it was just as important to you as it was to me that the situation be handled. Most companies care only about themselves and the money to be made but you truly proved to me that your comapny cares about their customers."

Annie C.Houston, TX