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The companies were also banned from debt collection and imposed a default judgment of $ 1.7 million.

To pressure debtors, he and his companies are said to have called consumers and allegedly falsely working in law enforcement, usually associated with bogus claims that consumers have committed a crime or are about to be arrested. under a warrant.

The associated companies listed in the complaint have been identified as Campbell Capital LLC; Kahl, Heidenreich and Nemmer LLC; Urban, Heidenreich, Melendez and Associates LLC; J&V Receivables LLC; Wealthy Financial LLC; and BCH & Associés Ltée.

In 2016, Kelly S. Brace of Buffalo was permanently excluded from debt collection. A judgment of $ 18.4 million has been rendered against Brace and its companies. He was ordered to pay $ 151,893 to the FTC and the state attorney general.

Authorities sued Brace and Braclaire Management LLC in 2015.

Agencies accused Brace’s company of “collecting bogus payday loans that they knew consumers didn’t really owe, and using deceptive and abusive tactics to get them to pay, including bogus threats. prosecution and arrest “.

Mark M. Miller, a Kenmore debt collector, is under investigation by federal agents at Homeland Security Investigations for suspected wire fraud in connection with illegal debt collection. Agents seized $ 90,385 from Miller in 2020 during a raid on a Kenmore home he owns.

Provided by Mark M. Miller

In 2020, federal agents seized $ 90,385 from Kenmore debt collector Mark M. Miller. Prosecutors allege he owned several debt collection firms “which engaged in a wire fraud scheme linked to illegal debt collection activities involving victims across the United States,” according to court documents.

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