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If you are looking for title loans in Idaho, then look no further. We offer title loans at competitive rates, and we have an excellent customer service team that is available to answer any questions you might have. Our title loan process is designed to be as easy as possible. You can apply online or over the phone and receive your funds within 24 hours!

Title Loan

A title loan is a personal loan that usually gives the borrower quick access to cash in exchange for the title of their vehicle. The title will be used as collateral in exchange for lending money against the value of the title loan.

When A Title Loan Is Necessary

Title loans are outstanding when you need fast cash, but they can also come in handy in other situations. One situation where this might be helpful is if you have poor credit requiredloans need money fast to repair your car so that it’s safe to drive again. This type of title loan could help cover expenses caused by bad car parts or extra medical bills from an accident that occurred because your car was not safe to drive due to its condition.

A title loan could be a good option when you need money for home repairs. You might not have the cash required to cover all necessary expenses, but title loans in Idaho could be an option worth exploring if you have your title.

When To Avoid It

If you know that you can quickly pay back a small loan, a title loan may not be the best choice. The reason is that when using title loans as collateral, it will take much longer to get your vehicle back when compared to other types of trim personal lending options such as a payday loan. This means that to get the same amount of money from a title loan; you would have to keep it longer and then repay at least twice what a payday loan might have cost.

Title loan Rates

Our title loans have a flat rate of 25% APR, which is the same no matter what state you live in or your credit score. This makes title loans easy to compare with other types of lending options, such as a payday loan. Our title loan interest rates vary based on state regulations and our costs to make the title loan, but never will they exceed 36% annually.

Make sure you don’t confuse title loans with payday loans! Payday Loans usually require that borrowers give lenders access to their bank account electronically and then withdraw money from that account for each payment (usually two weeks). This is risky for consumers because if there isn’t enough money in the account at the time of withdrawal, then there will be insufficient funds fees charged by the payday lender and bank.

Title Loans, on the other hand, do not require access to your checking account for payment. A title loan lender will only ask for a title and a valid driver’s license to secure a title loan in Idaho. Your title remains in our possession from the start of the title loan process until it is paid off or you default on your payments!

This makes title loans safer than payday loans because only the title is at risk during repayment instead of all your hard-earned money being taken out of your bank account whether you have enough money or not!

Call us today or apply online to get started with a title loan from PaydayloanHelpers in Idaho!


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