Victim of dishonest lenders urges people to be cautious about ‘quick and easy’ loans


AN UNAUTHORIZED BUSINESS offering quick loans to people with poor credit is suspected by the gardaí and bank officials of money laundering, has learned.

The company, operating as Liteway Loans Ireland, is the latest of more than 400 similar loan companies that have attempted to operate in Ireland.

On the Liteway Loans website, a business registration number is provided. However, when this number is entered in the search function of the companies registration office, the details of another credit company will be displayed.

This other company is a registered company and was established in the early 2000s. There is no indication that the licensed company was involved in any illegal activity.

Liteway Loans official website looks professional on first inspection. However, there are many phrases written in fractured English, such as: “Moment Arrives to Fill Financial Gap – We let you to do so. “

The site also includes a testimonial from a man from “Craigavon ​​City”.

The site specifies:

“We present a perfect financial guarantee that does not require strict lending standards. “

It claims to offer loan approval on the day of application.

The company’s official Twitter account has nine followers and her bio reads, “Myself Brenda Miller. I live in Dublin, Ireland. I worked at LitewayLoans as a financial advisor. It offers fast same day loans in Ireland.

The profile photo is of actress Hannah Murray, who played Cassie in the UK teen drama Skins.

Screenshot of the company’s official account.

Source: Twitter

“I called them because I needed the money”

John Keniry was one of the people allegedly duped by this business.

Talk to, Keniry described how he needed a quick loan and found this business after searching online. Initially, he was told he would have to complete a $ 150 transaction to process the loan transaction.

“I called them because I needed the money. It wasn’t like I had € 150 lying around. I wouldn’t need to call them if I did, ”John explained.

“They called me back and said they could send me the money and I could send it [back to them] by Western Union.”

John said he then received another call from a man who said Liteway Loans was going to send an additional € 150 as the initial sum had not been received as it was the weekend.

However, John subsequently received a call from his bank telling him that they had blocked the entry of the money into the account.

“What they told me was that I received money from an innocent person in my account which I then sent to India,” he said.

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The Central Bank has confirmed that Liteway loans are not permitted.

A spokesperson said: ‘Liteway Loans Ireland is not authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland. Before committing to a business, consumers are advised to take the SAFETY test.

“Consumers should never provide personal information or agree to send money until they are satisfied that the business they are dealing with is authorized and genuine. The website of the Central Bank also contains information on Avoid scams and unauthorized activities.

“The Central Bank has a dedicated unit, the Unauthorized Suppliers Unit, which investigates suspected cases of unauthorized activities carried out by persons or entities that are not authorized by the Central Bank. Members of the public can report to us in writing or by calling us on +353 (0) 1 224 4000. All cases of suspected unauthorized activity are fully investigated by the Central Bank.

Guard warning

Gardaí has ​​also issued a warning to the public not to be fooled by this type of scam.

A spokesperson urged the public never to seek a loan from a company that is not authorized by the central bank.

He said: “Never allow your account to be used by another to transfer money or to hold money for a period (long or short) as this allows fraudsters to finish their crimes and deprives them of innocent victims of their hard-earned money.

“Unfortunately, there are no easy and cheap loans available in the market and if the offer sounds too good to be true, it is almost certainly too good to be true. Always report the problem to your local Garda station. .

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